Founder's Creed

  • To positively transform the financial viability of our client partners
  • To successfully transition patients through their health experience
  • Differentiate our client partners in the markets they serve

We accomplish this by:

  • Transition
    • Supporting & reinforcing the provider/patient relationship by focusing on patient's treatment and self care needs
    • Engaging team members, patients, families, and caregivers as active participants in their care process through a proven "engagement" model.
    • Providing innovative and research based solutions navigating the patient through the journey of self care management
  • Differentiate
    • Enable and empower a strong employee/team member culture where personalized service translates to emotionally engaged activists.
    • Exhibiting genuine care through empathy and knowledge, satisfying anticipated and unanticipated needs of team members, patients, caregivers, and family members at every experience encounter.
    • Enrolling leadership and cross-functional resources into a single unified interdisciplinary patient success strategy.
  • Financial
    • Ensuring reimbursement and payment maximizing every margin opportunity regardless of payer, pharmacy, manufacturer, state, or federal resource.
    • Improve margins through optimized behavioral programs and supply chain efficiencies.
    • Indoctrinate the depth of resources, programs, and focus made to maximize "value" at every experience encounter.

To enable our client partners to:

  • Extend their mission/brand beyond their walls and across the care continuum
  • Leverage their existing assets to compete successfully in a changing and consumer & retail environment.
  • Succeed in an accountable care environment by positively influencing healthcare choices & compliance for patients, consumers, and their employees

The game plan: (Below are the 10 principles that guide how we do business and conduct ourselves on a daily basis):

  1. We empower every team member to make a client partner's team member, patient, family/caregiver success story, and will enthusiastically share our honored position to influence the experience.
  2. We will embrace team members who demonstrate passion in their work, constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve PEA.
  3. We have big goals.... We will focus and continue to build a culture focused on the performance and outcomes for patients and our clients. If we do this, everything else will take care of itself.
  4. We know to retain great talent; we provide empowerment with accountability, flexibility with trust, and compensation with professional growth beyond other places.
  5. We go beyond normal parameters to support "work / life balance" for our team members and to ensure our families and children know they are most important in our lives.
  6. We would rather have fewer better customers
  7. We will be stewards of our financial resources; it is the first step in having credibility with our customer's financial resources.
  8. We are competitive and focused on progress. We know that the healthcare industry cannot stand still and that complacency can lead to extinction.
  9. We will listen to our customers and our team members
  10. We prioritize our "Office of Performance Management" as a key enabler to sound decisions, accountability, and a measure of our impact supporting the strategic plan of our client partners and PEA.