I often like to share with those interested in learning more about our journey, the fundamentals that we have maintained since our humble beginnings and the rationale behind the long name of our company "Patient Engagement Advisors".

Our journey started from a research project conducted by Cleveland Clinic focused on the principle that individuals (patients) need to play an increased role in their health and health care decision-making in order to achieve the optimal benefits. The argument that we as healthcare providers could provide "perfect care" could be derailed by the patient not holding up their end of the bargain (adhering to medications, maintaining the right diet, or seeking care if they gained three pounds in a single day) was met with mixed emotion. This sparked an interesting dialogue around the dichotomy of our country's health financing system, as incentives are tied to the frequency of services, and not the clinical outcome.

The second principle centers on financial performance. Health systems continue to struggle financially and leak substantial business out their front door everyday. Healthcare executives are left with understanding they are tasked with providing outstanding clinical care, are not in control of the patients willingness or ability to engage in the process, nor capable of competing with the fulfillment for ongoing management of their health issues, despite being financially accountable for the clinical outcome. The topic of who manages their care, who is financially accountable with future ACO and bundled payment initiatives becomes the new dialogue.

PEA is excited to be at the focal point of healthcare policy and industry trends that are challenging healthcare executives to rethink the equation of "patient engagement" as an equal factor to improve quality, service, and financial performance.

We have built an exciting company and have had the fortunate opportunity to work with over 100 health systems / hospitals perfecting our ability to be relevant and make a difference. We have done a very good job at recruiting and retaining a team of truly passionate and smart people who uniquely understand the complexities that support and reinforce the provider/patient relationship by focusing first on patient treatment and self-care needs, second on service, medication, nutrition, and product alignment, and third on collection, reimbursement, and margin optimization.

We would appreciate the opportunity to share our story and how we are differentiating our customers with their patients, consumers, employees, and physicians served.


Patient Engagement Advisors
Jeff L. Moreland, BSN
Chief Patient Officer