With healthcare reform also comes a heightened focus on quality, efficiency and satisfaction. So while patients are engaging in self-care practices, providers have a renewed commitment to standards of care, and are also increasingly focused on maximizing provider services - incenting a continuum of care through expanded patient product and service portfolios.

PEA's solution suite contends with both healthcare challenges – expanding patient services and extending patient resources to initiate a patient-centered culture that maximizes individual wellness efforts through information exchange. The solution suite is comprehensive and encompasses both a product and service based portfolio, addressing a variety of patient needs.

  • Disease education – patient/caregiver
  • Elderly programming – in alliance with the Administration of Aging
  • Discharge protocols & self-care instructions
  • Quality/ACO initiatives
  • Clinical nutrition support & fulfillment
  • Medication/product/service support & fulfillment

Our branded Employee Engagement program is an amazing satisfier for our caregivers and visitors alike. The attention to detail and outstanding customer service contributes to our overall community image, and reinforces our commitment to being an employer of choice.