As our first Covid positive patient successfully came off her vent after 40 days, it was apparent she would have multiple needs to transition home successfully. The transition specialist sat down with the patient and the patient’s husband to gather a list of needs and resources. With the patient being uninsured and requiring an emergent tracheostomy, due to Covid complications, finding resources for supplies was of the upmost importance. The Transitional specialist was able to find two different foundations utilizing PEA’s Generosity Module.

One of the foundations provided the patient a prepaid Visa debit card with up to $2500 to assist with supplies and other healthcare needs, while the other foundation assisted with her household bills (electric, gas, phone etc.) for the next 3 months.  While one TS was enrolling the patient into these foundations, the other TS coordinated with local charities to deliver the patient a free bedside commode to have while at home. As the TS coordinated the delivery of the bedside commode to the patient’s car, we made the patient aware we would also be giving her a 6-month supply of adult diapers, perineal care items, medications, and home nutrition.

The patient and her husband, both ministers in our community, were overwhelmed by the support and the care they received during one of the scariest times.

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