Why We Do What We Do

During morning huddle, a physician discussed a patient being non-compliant most likely due to the patient being very young and not taking his illness seriously. The TS made sure to engage this patient right away, as there usually is some underlying factor as to why a patient is non-compliant.  While engaging the patient and asking […]

Support Through Uncertainty

As our first Covid positive patient successfully came off her vent after 40 days, it was apparent she would have multiple needs to transition home successfully. The transition specialist sat down with the patient and the patient’s husband to gather a list of needs and resources. With the patient being uninsured and requiring an emergent […]

Acute to Home Care

PEA’s Transition Specialist Supervisor collaborated with the Case Management Director regarding a patient being treated for urinary retention. The Case Manager shared that this gentleman would need to discharge with an indwelling urinary catheter in place.  The concern was that the patient was homeless and therefore put him at significant risk for noncompliance and readmission.  […]